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Ambadi is one of the largest handmade rugs and home textile manufacturers of India. We are a primary design and manufacturing centre to some of world’s leading home textile retailers and brands. Since 1992, we have been working with a mission to embellish homes, thereby providing their inhabitants an elegant, efficient and comfortable lifestyle.

Our in-house creative design team is constantly experimenting with innovative yarns, techniques, textures, colors, designs, etc., in a quest to offer a bouquet of interesting and value-added products for the home fashion market. With hundreds of workers & in-house sampling facility, we have a completely integrated manufacturing set-up with organized systems & work practices as per ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 standards.

At Ambadi, we take pride in being a design-led organization. Our strength to continuously re-main updated with latest fashion trends and our worldwide sourcing network helps us drive client satisfaction with every delivery. Apart from our own designs, we also specialize in building custom rugs. We do this by stockpiling yarns of various materials, textures and colors to enable us to turnaround even the largest orders within 30-45 days.

We also cater to major residential and commercial projects through our broadloom rolls where we have extra-wide in-house looms to produce rolls in a width of 16 feet supported with an online drying chamber which can dry three rolls of up to 75 feet simultaneously.

We provide a highly customized and seamless service with just the right mix of youth and experience to execute your vision into reality. Empowered by our creative ideas, insightful innovation, huge scale and sheer determination, we can deliver any project of any size, right from conceptualization to final product delivery.

Ambadi Golden Thread of Trust:

Ambadi Golden Thread Of Trust is our new initiative which is synonymous with trust and quality. We, at Ambadi, strive to ensure that all the products made at our facility are of premium quality and are unrivalled in their respective categories.

It is only befitting that we announce our exceptional attainment by marking our products with our symbolic golden thread logo. The presence of this golden thread logo is a mark of attestation and assurance that the product has undergone various checkpoints and controls, to con-firm its high standard.

Design Presence:

Design is the essence of life. Everything in nature is designed for a purpose. Every perfect design is complete and self-fulfilling. To turn a blank piece of paper into a canvas of ideas is a soul-satisfying experience in itself. Since 1992, we at Ambadi, have been taking ideas to their logical, beautiful end.

Our passion for the unusual & the unexpected has led us to create a complete process chain to convent designs seamlessly from paper to product. As a part of the renowned Murugappa Group, we are one of India’s biggest exporters of home linen and floor coverings, with a slew of awards and certifications to our credit.

Our products are found on the shopping lists of premium linen brands, top notch international retailers and have even found their way to the Blue Room in the White House!

• Our love for design ideas has led us to a powerhouse of talent, while also collaborating with designers from around the world.
• Our impeccable corporate pedigree (we are part of one of India’s largest industrial conglomerates, The Murugappa Group) ensures that the highest standards and ethics are hard-coded into our DNA.
• Our well entrenched manufacturing base in India, with facilities in Panipat, Bhadohi, Mysore and Kannur helps us turn ideas to reality with matchless quality and faultless timing.

Our People:

Our rich design team consists of highly experienced and extremely passionate designers, who combine their vision and vast experience in the entire design process to create exclusive designs for a worldwide audience. Our designers operate with complete creative freedom and have all the necessary tools at their disposal to bring their vision to life.

To keep them constantly inspired, we encourage them to globe trot the world, which helps them deeply understand designs, patterns & colors that are native to certain regions. In the South East Asian nations, vibrant bright hues of red, blue, green and gold are a traditional norm in design. Mediterranean pottery, architecture & artifacts are imbibed with rust, amber, coral blue and bottle green colors while Scandinavian designs being historically nature-driven are characterized by simplicity, minimalism and muted colors of the nature which make the Nordic people feel ‘hygge’, the most important secret ingredient for leading a pleasant & ful-filling Scandinavian lifestyle. Using these personal insights and experiences, our designers fire up their own imagination to create fabulous pieces of floor art.

We offer a variety of design services to our customers ranging from trend and color fore-casts and artwork development to collaborative design workshops.

Our Working Segments:

The standard collection includes our extensive array of broadloom options and area rugs. Being one of the largest area rug manufacturers in the country enables us to offer rugs in any shape, size or construction. All of our running line products are available for various types of fabrication as well as customization.

Our Hospitality Segment with a dedicated design team for our hospitality customers, Ambadi not only understands but proactively anticipates hospitality specific tastes and trends. Our design team will illustrate the selected designs to help the customers understand the look and finalize their choice.

Our Customization focused working caters needs of people getting more specific about their taste in leading a modern lifestyle. In this environment, we have introduced a custom program after a huge success of mass production and export of hand-tufted, hand-knotted, flat weave & shaggy carpets with our exclusive capabilities to design and produce any sort of order in a short time.

Our Artistry Techniques:

We offer a huge range of techniques including Hand Tufted, Hand Knotted, Hand loom rugs, Hand woven and Pit loom rugs. We also offer a great variety of Handcrafted woven fabrics, Embroidery, made-ups, prints, trims and tassels curated by our textile division.


Hand tufted carpet:
It is made by the technique of tufting, a type of textile weaving in which a thread (wool) is in-serted on a primary base through a hand tool called tufting gun. This gun penetrates the stretched base fabric and a pile is formed, the height of which is determined by the feeder.
After tufting is completed, a backing is attached to the rug using synthetic latex material which gives strength and prevents unravelling. This technique gives the liberty to weave any kind of hand tufted carpet design by adjusting the density.

Hand knotted carpet:
It is the most ancient weaving technique of making hand knotted carpets. A knotted-pile is a carpet containing raised surfaces or piles from the cut-off ends of knots, woven between the warp and weft. A hand knotted carpet is influenced by width and number of warp and weft, pile height, knots used and knot density. Most of the hand knotted carpets are washed which gives them a plush & softer hand feel.

Hand loom carpet:
woven cloth, which is the base of the rug, is made using two sets of intersecting threads – a warp which is kept taut on the loom and the weft which is thrown through the warp threads – usually with a shuttle. Here, the pile height is determined by the thickness of rods. There is possibility of limited design patterns of handloom carpets only (having cut-pile, loop-pile or a combination of both).
After weaving is complete, a backing is attached to the rug using synthetic latex material which gives strength to the handloom carpet and prevents unravelling.

Hand Woven carpet:
Despite the advent of power and heavy metal looms, Ambadi uses the time tested wooden loom to produce a stunning array of authentic and vibrant checks and stripes in hand woven carpets and rugs. The skill, creativity and dexterity of our weavers are showcased in this range. Our dedicated craftsmen take care of every detail to refine the designs and bring out the most beautiful hand-woven carpets and rugs.

Pitloom carpet:
For pit loom rugs and carpets, weaving is done by intersecting the longitudinal threads, the warp, i.e., “that which is thrown across”, with the transverse threads, the weft, i.e., “that which is woven”. This technique is majorly used to produce textures and has the capability to pro-duce thin as well as chunky pit loom carpets and rugs.


Hand crafted Fabrics-
India’s tryst with intricate hand-crafted fabric and design goes back hundreds of years. Each region in the country can claim provenance for a unique weaving, dyeing or embroidery technique. Be it the celebration of Indigo in Aajrak block printing, the riotous bursts of color in the tie & die techniques of Leheriya or the stately grandeur of woven Kanjeevaram silks, the list is long and bewitching.
Ambadi is a proud guardian of this rich heritage, working closely with master craftspeople for over 3 decades. By merging traditional skills, latest technology and futuristic fashion trends, we unfurl a one-of-its-kind hand crafted fabric, ready to take the global market by storm.

Woven Fabrics-
The interlacing of threads to weave fabrics of every hue and weight is a matchless skill in many parts of India. Ambadi Fabrics flaunt this age-old expertise and incredible artistry in both hand-woven and machine-woven collections.

The practice of embellishing fabric with thread or yarn, using nothing but needles and crea-tive vision, is as old as human history. Creating fascinating embroidery through hand and machine both is another Ambadi specialty

Made ups-
Worldwide, cushions are widely used by people for both comfort & decorative purposes. Keeping the global consumers’ needs in mind, Ambadi Cushions/Pillows are made from the finest fabrics constituting Silk, Cotton, Linen, Jute, Polyester and their blends.
Our design team uses different techniques like Prints, Jacquards, Embroideries and a com-bination of various techniques to design the cushions. Our cushions are available in various sizes and qualities, to meet each client’s distinct requirements.

Ambadi specializes in Table & Kitchen Linen made from the finest quality fabrics comprising cotton, linen and blends using a mix of techniques & designs. Our unique collection is availa-ble in various designs & patterns, catering to a global palate

Fabric printing is a much-prized technique. Through the ages, people reveled in this precise use of color and motifs to enhance fabrics. Ambadi’s printed cloth edifies these glorious traditions.

Trims and tassels-
Our range of trims and tassels gives the perfect finishing touch to any fashion, furnishing or home décor product. Our canvas is constantly expanding as we find more and more ingenious & interesting ways of embellishing fabrics.


With great quality comes great credibility, which we have built over the years through various certifications which ensure that each product is of top quality and complies with all regula-tions. WE are certified by SA 8000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, C-TPAT, CARE & FAIR & Good Weave.

Our Factories

Registered Office:
Ambadi Enterprises Ltd.
5th Floor, Parry House, 43 Moore Street,
Chennai – 600 001, India
Ph: +91 124 2398037
Email: [email protected]
Head Office:
Ambadi Enterprises Ltd.
Plot No.554, Udyog Vihar Phase-V,
Gurugram, Haryana – 122016, India

Floor Covering Factories:

Unit – I
Plot No.301, HSIIDC In-dustrial Area,
Refinery Road, Panipat
Haryana – 132140, India

Unit – II
Plot No.314, HSIIDC In-dustrial Area,
Refinery Road, Panipat
Haryana – 132140, India
Ambadi Enterprises Ltd.
Jalalpur, Ward No.4, Sta-tion Road,
Uttar Pradesh – 221401, India

Textile Factories:

Ambadi Enterprises Ltd.
ELP – X 1/674,
Opp. Dharma Puri Housing Colony,
Thottada, Kannur,
Kerala – 670007, India

Ambadi Enterprises Ltd.
Plot No. 66-A1, KIADB,
Hebbal Industrial Area,
Mysore – 570018, India