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Parquet’s history that grow.

From 1910 to today the history of Berti Pavimenti Legno passed down through 3 generations making the difference by the ability of the Company to interact skilfully with projects making projects of great value both for their historical uniqueness and for the absolute greatness (the rooms of Kremlin Palace- approx. 6,000 ; the Palazzo Montecitorio; the offices of the President of the Republic at the Quirinale; the Armani Hotel in Dubai; the Windsor Castle; Venice Theatre La Fenice…) Over time, the need for Beauty on the market has not changed, while over the past 10 years has emerged a philoso- phy of nature, sustainability and the environment has emerged. The architecture has prepared itself for a bioeco- logical approach, where wood is the material that most seduces for its predisposition to create harmony and well-being. Eco-sustainability has become a guideline and inspiration for the company: from the use of eco-sustainable materials to the predilection for birch plywood for the production of pre-finished floors. Thanks the experience gained in our three generations we found out the perfect balance between innovation and design, tradition and art, past and contemporaneity able to enhance the living space celebrating its essence by creating a connection with the surrounding landscape. Handcraft and technology, classical and contemporary for charming contrast. The partnership with Diesel Living is, for example, is an experience of innovation, a meeting point between style and know-how that allowed to develop unique, expressive, modern and three-dimensional colors that recall the world of Denim with an eccentric interpretation, original and absolutely unconventional. In order to meet the needs of the market we offer a wide selection of products, sizes and treatments: from the most elaborate tastes to the most classic ones. Every single product can be completed by a detail composed of resins, steel or Swarowski.

Our production philosophy is based on deep respect for Nature and on a responsible use of the raw materials that Nature provides to us. For the production of our wooden floors, we use environmentally sustainable materials, like the birch plywood. Berti expresses the green commitment in its accurate production process, starting from tree to the the finished plank. Our products tell the Earth story written in the grain of the wood and fixed in our prestigious finishings using natural dyes.The production of an environmental sustainable product is our aim. This is the source. The production of an environmental sustainable product is our aim. This is the source of inspiration of our skilful and careful work.

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