Dolphin Rubber Industries

Company Name: Dolphin Rubber Industries
Stand Number: TBC
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Contact Person: Renjumon T Joy
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +91 9846153968

Dolphin Rubber Industries has been a technological leader in manufacturing, supplying, and trading high quality rubber flooring products for more than three decades. Today we offers a diverse range of rubber products from the land of latex, Kottayam, South India . Made exclusively out of pure natural rubber, straight from the plantations, Dolphin products find demand all over the world.

Dolphin Rubber Industries an ISO 9001:2008 certified company always works towards achieving total customer satisfaction. We are committed to give clients product and service excellence by providing in time delivery and consistent products. Highly skilled, competent, and experienced management team and technical expertise of production team with over 30 years of manufacturing experience makes our products best in the market. Hence, clients are guaranteed that they receive only the best products and quality service.

Research and Innovation is at the core of our business success. We have an impressive track record of bringing new products to market, making Dolphin Rubber Industries one of the most innovative companies in the sector.

All products pass through quality testing at every step of the production process – starting from the selection of raw materials and mixing of rubber compounds to completion of the final product. Thus, ensuring that each and every unit that goes out of the production is in its best quality. Our manufacturing processes draw on the best available rubber expertise and the most modern production equipment in the world.

We proud to reveal that our products are widely distributed in world class chain stores-Metro Cash & Carry, Auchan, OBI, Real, LeroyMerlen, C a s t o r a m a , V i c t o r i a , H y p e r g l o b u s , Carrefour, Home Center through our buyers.


“Our vision is to be recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of molded rubber products. Our mission is to ensure total customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness by providing quality rubber products and delivering it to clients promptly.”


The company aims not just to be considered as a leading supplier of quality materials but also to develop partnership with its clients, suppliers and manufacturers.

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