Company Name: Drvoprodex
Stand Number: TBC
Company website: www.drvoprodex.com
Contact Person: Ljubisa Djurovic
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +38 765080537

With 28 years of experience in wood flooring industry our Family company had natural growth.Now with 360 workers and two production sites in Bosnia and Herzegovina we are leading producer of high quality flooring in our region.Our annual production is about 600 000m2.

As a export oriented wood flooring manufacturing company we export more then 95% of our products to world market.
We start production from raw logs until finished flooring product,in this way we have total control of production and product quality.

Our main product categories are:
2L Flooring plywood based
Also as Chevron 45°/60° or Herringbone 90°
3L Flooring (Oak/Spruce/Spruce)
Design Squares flooring
3L solid furniture panels(Oak/Oak/Oak…)

It is possible to have any of those products as:
micro beveled on 4 sides,without bevel or 2 long side bevel
Hand scraped
Oxi oiled(Osmo/Rubio/Woca)
UV varnished

Package possibilities:
Neutral white Cardboard stripes+thermofoil or your own brend name

Certificate:CE,DOP,FSC 100%,Carb 2 for plywood

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