Company Name: Estaparket
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Contact Person: Vladimir Vastrik
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +372 603 4865

ESTA Parket is the Brand name for the engineered wood flooring, manufactured by AS Technomar & Adrem — a family owned private company, founded in 1991. Our factory is equipped with the latest technically advanced machinery supplied by unrivaled specialists in this field. All stages in parquet production starting from drying of wood to final packaging are carried within our factory to ensure the highest quality of end product.
Estaparket produces more than 300 designs of parquet and is constantly expanding its range with features such as new patterns of flooring.
Our products meet the highest standards for toxic emissions and complies with the severest health requirements.
We use different wood species in wood flooring production e.g. oak, ash, merbau, walnut etc. Rich selection of colors, textures and decorative treatment.

Our standard products include 3-layer and multilayer designs in:
– 1-strip
– 2-strip
– 3-strip
– Herringbone
– Curved Flooring (Infinity)

Our products are available with UNLILIN UNICLICK or with T&G.
We have launched our own Online Exhibition where we have presented our new products through a series of small demonstration videos.
Each video was dedicated to a specific topic or product.
Product demonstration videos include:
– New stock collection that includes 37 wood floor designs
– NOVA Collection – veneered floors from 100% wood
– New wood floors with fire resistance class Bfl-s1, the highest possible classification for a burnable flooring product.
– Infinity – Curved floor Introduction
– Etc.
To discover our latest updates and products please visit our own video exhibition:

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