Kastamonu Entegre

Company Name: Kastamonu Entegre
Stand Number: TBC
Company website: www.keas.com.tr
Contact Person: Haluk Baybek
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +90 2165543000

One of the two largest groups of Hayat Holding operating on a global scale, Kastamonu Entegre was established in Istanbul 50 years ago for manufacturing in the wood-based panel industry. The 100% domestic capital corporation started manufacturing in 1971 in its first facility, Kastamonu Particle Board Plant. Kastamonu Entegre domestically manufactures goods in Gebze, Kastamonu, Balıkesir, Samsun, Tarsus and Adana. Abroad, it has manufacturing plants in a total of 6 countries; Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia and Italy. In the US, the corporation has an establishment where wood chip supply and logistics processes are carried out.It employs roughly 6,300 people in its domestic and overseas manufacturing plants and offices.

Kastamonu Entegre’s manufacturing plants have a total manufacturing capacity of 5.5 million m³ of wood-based panel per year. Serving the industry for half a century, Kastamonu Entegre has been the leader in the Turkish industry as well as ranking 4th in Europe and 7th in the world for its manufacturing capacity. Considering its products positioned in the industry, it is one of the top 4 manufacturers in the world in MDF, particleboard, laminate flooring and door skin manufacturing. With its US$ 1.3 billion turnover and power, know-how and experience in manufacturing, the corporation is the undisputed leader of the industry for its exports to more than 100 countries from the US to China. For years, it has been one of the Top 500 Industrial Enterprises of Turkey. It is the “Largest Turkish Investor in Italy”.

Upon customer request, Kastamonu Entegre can manufacture goods certified by FSC and CARB2/EPA by supplying wood raw materials from 100% sustainable and renewable resources. Additionally, all its facilities have the capability to manufacture goods of E1 quality. “Floorpan” and “Artfloor” are two of the first Turkish flooring brands certified by “Blue Angel”, which demonstrates that eco-friendly materials are used in manufacture and the products contain no harmful substances to human health.

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