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Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today one of the most important producers of adhesives and complementary products for the installation of all types of floor and wall coverings. The company is also specialized in other chemical products for building: from waterproofers to special mortars, from admixtures for concrete to products for the restoration of ancient buildings.

Mapei Group’s production may be summarized as follows: consolidated sales for 2018 are 2.5 billion euros and the total number of Mapei Group employees is more than 10.000.

Mapei has built its strategy along three principal guidelines:
Specialization, Research and Development, Internationalization.

The Group now counts 89 subsidiaries with 83 plants in 36 countries in the five continents. Furthermore, Mapei has developed a sales and technical service network with offices all over the world. Mapei offers an efficient Technical Assistance Service that is much appreciated by architects, engineers, contractors and owners, with experts available for on-site consultation.

Mapei, world leader in the sector of adhesives for the installation of textiles, has a keen eye on the requirements of new design trends and proposes the new and innovative TX line, with highly technological, reliable and professional products dedicated to the laying of these types of coverings.
In fact, one of the most widely used floor covering around the world and, undoubtedly, among the most prestigious, is the carpet.
Carpet, in sheets and tiles, is an innovative, highly technological, high quality, versatile and elegant product with its own unique characteristics, making it the ideal floorcovering and a key feature in the most exclusive surroundings such as luxury hotels, cruise liners, theaters and airports.
Within these contexts, nowadays more and more, wallpaper and decorative fiberglass coverings enrich the rooms with a touch of style and furnish the spaces with elegance making them unique and exclusive.
The innovation of Mapei has brought, thanks to a series of products present in the new TX line, the installation of these products also in the bathrooms, inside the showers and in all area with high humidity: refurbishment becomes easy and fast.

For Mapei, special attention is also given to wooden floors. According to recent scientific researches, wood is the best material for flooring due to its natural origins, insulating properties and innate natural stability and durability. These unbeatable noble materials combine high performance and decorative elegance. Among Mapei’s latest proposals for the installation of parquet, the new product ULTRABOND Eco S Lite lightweight adhesive based on silylated polymers, formulated with very low volatile organic compounds content to help safeguard the environment and the health of users.

Last but not least, the new range of oils, single and two-component for parquet protection, Ultracoat Hard Oil Fast, available in 18 new color proposals to fit any design requirements.

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