Ragolle Rugs

Company Name: Ragolle Rugs
Stand Number: TBC
Company website: www.ragolle.com
Contact Person: Mrs. Pascale Goemaere
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: +32 56 77 74 79

Ragolle was founded in 1950 by Alfred Ragolle. Herman Verhelst and Myriam Ragolle are the present CEOs of the company. Together with their daughter Annemie, who is head of design, they are personally highly involved and engaged with the research and development.

Our passion for rugs arises from our love for design. We keep a close track of trends and colour forecasting and create quality rugs with a unique identity. The colours in our rugs are tuned in a harmonious way. Our in-house CAD department enables us to guide and support your project from concept to finish. The right designs, in the right colours, in the right quality, at the right time.

Our collection consists of approx. 25 different qualities, ranging from flatweave over medium pile up to shaggy rugs. We manufacture rugs in wool, cotton, viscose, polyester and heatset polypropylene.

Ragolle uses fully renewable power sources (wind and solar energy) for the production.
All the Ragolle Rugs products are 100% made in Belgium.