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Having entered the sector by establishing the Royal BCF yarn production facility in 2004, Royal Halı started machine carpet production in 2005. Royal Halı Group, which incorporated the world-famous Pierre Cardin brand in 2007 became one of the biggest carpet manufacturers in the sector in a short time. In 2011, it became the pioneer of firsts and innovations with strong brands by incorporating Atlas Halı,the longest-established brand of the carpet industry with a history of 54 years.
Royal Halı and Royal BCF, are one of Turkey’s leading producer group in carpet and yarn sector.
The Group exports carpet and yarn to a total of 28 countries with all its brands. Royal Halı Group, having the largest dealer network in the industry with nearly 500 showrooms and sales outlets across Turkey, produces more than 4,000 different patterned carpets annually in its 100,000 square meter facilities in Gaziantep, with a production capacity of 6,500,000 square meters.

Polyester, polypropylene, viscose and acrylic yarns are used in the collections of Royal Halı, Pierre Cardin and Atlas Halı brands, producing innovative products according to domestic and international trends with its expert R & D and design team A large part of its export abroad consists of special collections made of shaggy and polypropylene yarn. Having many certificates in international standards, Royal Halı produces its collections in accordance with Oeko-Tex standards.
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