Välinge Innovation

Company Name: Välinge Innovation
Stand Number: TBC
Company website: www.valinge.se
Contact Person: Ulf Molén
Email: ulf.molen@valinge.se
Phone Number: +46 72 500 1974

Innovation has been at the heart and soul of our business since the company was founded in 1993. Our progress is built on always challenging today’s technological solutions with new ways of thinking. That’s how we revolutionized the way people install and use floors. That’s also the way we introduced a groundbreaking method to assemble furniture without any tools.

Today, our licensees can be found all over the world. All our development activities take place at our R&D center in Viken, Sweden. From here we develop new concepts and provide pilot manufacturing, testing and technical support.

Each day, we make sure our licensees get access to the latest flooring, furniture and surface technologies used in people’s everyday lives.

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